Getting EFT into Organisations


One of the most challenging issues EFT practitioners face is getting EFT into organisations, if EFT does not fit with the culture or belief system of the organisation, it may be difficult to even get a foot in the door.

So, how does an EFT practitioner approach this problem ?

The first step is to look at how EFT could help the organisation achieve it’s goals better, cheaply or more efficiently. For this you need to :

(1) Find out as much as you can about the organisation

(2) Find out what it needs help with

(3) Find or develop contacts within the organisation and, most importantly

(4) Understand where they are coming from

It helps if you already have some experience/contacts in the area you are looking at helping, but this is not vital.

As EFT practitioners, we all know that EFT can do amazing things, but until you have used it yourself it all sounds too good to be true. It is important to talk about EFT in a way that sounds believable and relevant to the individual, so talk about the everyday benefits which everyone gets from EFT i.e.. stress relief, relief from anxiety, more focus etc. Be general.

Contacts are a good place to start, so talk about EFT to anyone that will listen and offer a free workshop to get your foot in the door. It may not work first time, so it may be worth offering a workshop every 6 months/year so that you are in their mind. Think of your friends who are open to EFT and whether they may be able to help you get into their organisation.

I applied online to volunteer do do EFT in a Holistic Centre at The Royal Surrey Hospital, Guildford, I had no reply. 6 months later, I met the accountant of the centre at a networking morning, she put a good word in for me, 2 months later I started volunteering there.

I am now a trusted member of the centre, get invited to events and run workshops there free of charge.

It you want to get into an organisation, it is important to use the same language that the organisation uses, i.e. companies, medical facilities, schools and health spas all have their own language, it is worth adapting your presentation to match their language. This creates rapport and helps them to feel that you understand their needs and that you can help them.

And remember, keep at it, patience and persistence pays off.

Questionnaire – All Party Parliamentary Group for Integrated Healthcare

Your chance to help to get integrated Healthcare accepted in the UK. This is worth doing if you can. I have only just received this, but
it needs to be submitted by 31 March 2017.

The All Party Parliamentary Group for Integrated Healthcare would like your responses to this questionnaire, which I have attached. You may answer some or all of the questions, it must be under 2,500 words.

E-mail to or post to PGIH, c/o David Tredinnick MP, Room 519 Norman Shaw North, Victoria Embankment, London, SW1A 2HZ.



Lifting the Veil

We all have a veil, it’s the layer of protection which we create to protect us from the outside world, it keeps us safe.

Whilst we are good at creating this veil, we are not so good at letting it go when it no longer serves us.

We therefore end up with a load of beliefs and defences in place which prevent us from living our life fully, they can even become a burden after a while.

The first step is to be aware of the belief, the second is to work out how we acquired it and the third, is to let it go.

This can be done neatly with EFT,  when we tap we naturally relax which loosens beliefs, we stop holding on to them so tightly and we can let them go easily, which sets us free.

There is nothing like the feeling when we have let a belief go, we not only know intellectually that it has gone, we actually feel that it has gone and that is powerful.

Whilst you can learn and practice EFT on your own, I highly recommend that you have a few sessions with an experienced practitioner to get maximum results.



Before I look at negative beliefs, I wanted to touch on Goal setting.

You may have heard of SMART goals, which are the acronym used in business for goal setting, the belief is that goals should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely.

I have adjusted them to ‘BE SMART’ goals, the BE standing for belief, lets face it, if we don’t believe that we can achieve our goals, we are very unlikely to achieve them.

In business, the belief is that we can override lack of belief with physical effort and get results, which then becomes a self fulfilling prophecy and we can then go on to achieve even higher goals.

Don’t get me wrong, this does work,  however, there is one major flaw, we can only over ride our beliefs for so long.

Unless you have an absolute rock solid belief in yourself, (and some people do)  the results won’t last.

The more you try to override this lack of belief with physical effort, the more stressed you get, you either give up , get ill or have melt down.

So how do we avoid this happening ?

We look at our goals and make them BE SMART of course, let look at a goal that an EFTMRA practitioner may have, say :

“To attract 10 paying clients per week, in the next 2 months”

Specific – yes

Measurable – yes

Attainable – maybe, depending on circumstances

Relevant – maybe

Timely – yes

Alter the original Goal to make it SMART as necessary.

Belief  – pay attention to how you feel about this sentence and what is the first feeling  that you get when you read it ?

Note down all the excuses you come up with for not achieving this, turn them into beliefs and do EFT/Matrix on them.

ie. I don’t have the time

I’m not good enough

Where will the clients come from ?

They won’t have the money to pay me

Try not to get too tied up in the practicalities of getting 10 clients per week, just concentrate on the feelings that the sentence brings up, and tap on that.

Spend some time on this exercise, look at as many beliefs you can think of.

Be aware of opportunities to gain clients and make sure you take them when they do arise, put yourself in situations/places where potential clients are and make sure you are visible on line.

If you are not attracting clients, go back and redo the exercise until your clients arrive, they will.

Good Luck.


Gill Crane

EFT/Matrix Practitioner/Trainer






































How do we Attract What We Want in Life ?

AttractingCan We Really Attract What We want in Life ?

Attracting what we want in life, and keeping, it requires 3 things. We need to be open to receiving it, be willing to accept it and also, believe that we deserve it, we can call it the three B’s.

If the three B’s are not in place, then even if we do attract what we want it is unlikely to stay:

Be open to having it

Be willing to accept it and

Believe that we deserve it

I recommend that you use the following 5 Step Process to attract what you would like;

(1) Perform EFT/Matrix on any negative beliefs you have to receiving what you want, Consider things like, I don’t deserve, I’m not good enough, I won’t make enough money etc etc. I will be dealing with some common negative beliefs in my next blog.

(2) Work on (1) until you get excited about having what you want.

(3) Be patient and wait for an opportunity to arise.

(4) Take the opportunity when it does arrive.

(5) If the above does not initially work, look for more negative beliefs or
‘aspects’ and tap on them until you have a result.

A good test is our ability to feel excited about it, if we are able to feel excited about it, then it means we feel it is possible to have it and that we are on our way to receiving it.

If we are unable to feel excited about it then we are likely to be blocked, go back to step (1) and repeat.

You can do this work with money blocks, the number of clients you would like to
have and the amount of money you would like to earn, pretty much anything.

It is important to be 100% honest with yourself on this, be realistic, progress is achieved through a lot of small steps rather than big one, also, don’t try try to fool yourself that something is achievable when it is not, I’ve tried that, it doesn’t work.

Remember to start quite small, be persistent, be aware and wait – it will come, it has to.


EFT/Matrix Practitioner
AAMET Trainer/Supervisor



Growing our Practice (2)

As we saw from the previous blog, growing our practice not only requires us to look at business blocks but more personal ones too.

The typical business blocks for EFTMR practitioners are often to do with fear.
Fear of being different, standing out, fear of not making enough money, fear of it not working and fear of getting no clients.

Personal blocks are rather interesting, the truth is, the more work we do on ourselves, the wider our client base.

This is where the law of attraction comes in, we don’t attract what we want ‘we attract what WE ARE’ The more we work on ourselves, the more healing we do on a deeper level, so we attract those clients that need that level of healing to our client base. Also. remember, we cannot take our clients any further than we have gone ourselves, therefore the more work we do on ourselves the more we can help our clients.

Here’s how it works:

At the beginning clients come to us for a fear or maybe a phobia, which we can usually help them out with in one maybe two sessions. We work on ourselves a bit more, maybe we attract clients that have family/relationship issues, maybe some non serious physical issues, we will attract clients that need that level of healing for a while. We keep on working on ourself, maybe have a few personal breakthroughs and we attract clients with deeper stuff to heal.

My belief is that our greatest learning comes with working on yourself, it brings your awareness to a much, much deeper level and allows you to ‘tune in’ to your client much quicker and easier than you did before. By working on ourselves we are getting rid of the layers of protection we have built up over the years. This allows us to be authentic and honest with ourselves and our clients.

It never ceases to amaze me how 80% of the time the clients who come to me have similar issues, it is usually an issue that I am working on at that particular time.

This may not be obvious to begin with, it may be that the root cause is the common link, not the actual presenting symptoms.

Action Plan

Look at the fears that are holding you back in your practice, be honest with yourself and work on these fears using EFT/Matrix. Make a list of them and deal with them one by one.

Plan to work on yourself every day, even 5 minutes per day can make a difference, be aware of what triggers you. If it is not appropriate to tap at that particular time, make a note of the trigger and plan to work on it at a later date.

Remember, every time you tap your awareness expands, as your awareness expands , so does your energy field, connecting with the Universe and bringing more and more clients to you.

Good luck


Growing Your EFTMR Practice

It is important to do the legwork, to build your practice, decide what your specialities/clients are and get yourself known. Yes, it is worth developing your own website and having business cards and promotional materials printed. Yes it is worth doing some talks at local groups and joining a business networking organisation. Don’t forget – volunteering your time to anyone that will listen.

This is all well and good, but the nature of EFT/Matrix requires a bit more than that.

We need to understand the situation from our potential clients perspective. On paper, EFTMR looks a bit woo woo, I mean tapping on your face to get rid of my stomach pains – really ?

Many of us initially came to EFT as a tool to use on ourselves with amazing results and then later discovered it’s potential for universal application, as a result, we don’t have the blocks that the medical/psychology profession often have to accepting it.

We therefore have to be absolutely confident when we present ourselves, particularly to professionals. This requires us to work on ourselves, work on ourselves and work on ourselves again.

And not just on the obvious blocks to starting up a practice, tap on everything and anything that comes up, if loads of things come up, make a list and go through them one by one.

We can divide blocks into (1) personal blocks and (2) building a practice blocks.

We will look at those specific blocks next.


Do you have Money Ceiling ? 


Many of us have a money ceiling, or comfort level, based on how much we should earn or how much we have. It is usually based on what we are used to and going beyond that level makes us feel uncomfortable or even unsafe.

We have a money ceiling on income and wealth in general.

Going beyond that level puts us in dangerous/unknown territory, our beliefs start kicking in and we will do anything to get back to the status quo.

So, we start spending more money when we get a payrise or we win the lottery and blow the lot on extravagant purchases.

The trick is to be aware of our money ceiling and work on increasing it and not sabotaging our efforts by spending more.

This requires us to look at our beliefs that are limiting us.

Common blocks are :

I don’t deserve to earn/have £xxxx.

If I earn/have £xxxx too much will be expected of me.

I cannot earn/have more than my mum/dad/husband/brother etc

Also look at our fears is what the consequences will be of earning/having more.

Common Examples are :

Losing friends

Family will not approve etc

Something to think about and create your own set up statements on.



Beliefs About Money

Beliefs about money can really affect our ability to receive and manage money, no matter what opportunities we are given to acquire it, negative beliefs about money can really effect how much money you have.

So it is worth spending some time looking at your money beliefs and where they have come from.

They are often picked up when we were growing up, consider whether you were told any of the following and whether they have a bearing on your current money beliefs.

Money is bad

Never talk about money

Money does not grow on trees

Money Corrupts

You have to work hard for money

Rich people are selfish

Go through each belief in turn and decide whether it resonates with you, if so, think about why it resonates, what was the context of this belief and work on the memory.

It is common to pick up beliefs in 2 situations :

  • We are trying to understand a situation and we create a belief to make sense of it. The problem is that our understanding of the situation is often limited and our belief is based on that limited understanding.
  • We absorb the beliefs of our family, friends, teachers etc. The problem is that their beliefs will likely to have been based on (1) above, and we absorb it as fact.

We often hold onto those beliefs for the rest of our lives irrespective of evidence to the contrary. They become fixed in our subconscious mind. However with EFT/Matrix and some dedication we can remove these limiting beliefs and create healthier ones.


  1. Establish what you Money Beliefs are
  2. Write them down
  3. Look at the story behind the belief and why the belief came about.
  4. Do EFT/matrix on the event/events which resulted in the belief coming about.

That’s all for now we will be coming back to beliefs later.

Gill x

Spend Spend Spend ! 

It is never a good idea to spend when we are feeling emotionally depleted, tempting though it is. It’s like going to the supermarket when we are hungry – we inevitably end up spending much more than we need have done.

When we have an emotional void which we need to fill, it’s tempting to do some emotional spending. And, it’s fun !

We get to fill this emotional void quickly and easily by spending, we can even put the cost on our little plastic card and not have to pay for it until next month – yippee !

The problem is that the feeling of wellbeing does not last and we need to spend again to get our next fix. This can end up being a rather expensive pastime.

It is difficult to eliminate emotional spending completely (I am sure we are all guilty to some degree). It gives a quick fix and who doesn’t like a quick fix ?

However we can limit our spending so that we can only spend what we can really afford on what we really need simply by doing a bit of exploration and some EFT/Matrix.

We can be unaware or in denial of this habit and can find ourselves handing our credit card over in the local branch of our favourite shop before we know it.

As we all know, the best time to tap is when we are in the ‘zone’ as it were, but failing that it is a good idea to work on ourselves before the need arises, which takes some detective work.

Consider whether your issue is buying things unnecessarily or just buying things that are too expensive.

Look back at any overspends and consider :

What were the circumstances ?

Do you panic buy ?

What persuaded you to spend ?

What mood were you in at the time ?

Also look at spending experiences when you were young, how did your parents view spending money ?

You can make up your own set up statements for this, it needs to be your personal story, which has to come from you.

What I do is give you ‘themes’ which I have come across, in my work. Hope this helps.

Gill x