Spend Spend Spend ! 

It is never a good idea to spend when we are feeling emotionally depleted, tempting though it is. It’s like going to the supermarket when we are hungry – we inevitably end up spending much more than we need have done.

When we have an emotional void which we need to fill, it’s tempting to do some emotional spending. And, it’s fun !

We get to fill this emotional void quickly and easily by spending, we can even put the cost on our little plastic card and not have to pay for it until next month – yippee !

The problem is that the feeling of wellbeing does not last and we need to spend again to get our next fix. This can end up being a rather expensive pastime.

It is difficult to eliminate emotional spending completely (I am sure we are all guilty to some degree). It gives a quick fix and who doesn’t like a quick fix ?

However we can limit our spending so that we can only spend what we can really afford on what we really need simply by doing a bit of exploration and some EFT/Matrix.

We can be unaware or in denial of this habit and can find ourselves handing our credit card over in the local branch of our favourite shop before we know it.

As we all know, the best time to tap is when we are in the ‘zone’ as it were, but failing that it is a good idea to work on ourselves before the need arises, which takes some detective work.

Consider whether your issue is buying things unnecessarily or just buying things that are too expensive.

Look back at any overspends and consider :

What were the circumstances ?

Do you panic buy ?

What persuaded you to spend ?

What mood were you in at the time ?

Also look at spending experiences when you were young, how did your parents view spending money ?

You can make up your own set up statements for this, it needs to be your personal story, which has to come from you.

What I do is give you ‘themes’ which I have come across, in my work. Hope this helps.

Gill x

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