Beliefs About Money

Beliefs about money can really affect our ability to receive and manage money, no matter what opportunities we are given to acquire it, negative beliefs about money can really effect how much money you have.

So it is worth spending some time looking at your money beliefs and where they have come from.

They are often picked up when we were growing up, consider whether you were told any of the following and whether they have a bearing on your current money beliefs.

Money is bad

Never talk about money

Money does not grow on trees

Money Corrupts

You have to work hard for money

Rich people are selfish

Go through each belief in turn and decide whether it resonates with you, if so, think about why it resonates, what was the context of this belief and work on the memory.

It is common to pick up beliefs in 2 situations :

  • We are trying to understand a situation and we create a belief to make sense of it. The problem is that our understanding of the situation is often limited and our belief is based on that limited understanding.
  • We absorb the beliefs of our family, friends, teachers etc. The problem is that their beliefs will likely to have been based on (1) above, and we absorb it as fact.

We often hold onto those beliefs for the rest of our lives irrespective of evidence to the contrary. They become fixed in our subconscious mind. However with EFT/Matrix and some dedication we can remove these limiting beliefs and create healthier ones.


  1. Establish what you Money Beliefs are
  2. Write them down
  3. Look at the story behind the belief and why the belief came about.
  4. Do EFT/matrix on the event/events which resulted in the belief coming about.

That’s all for now we will be coming back to beliefs later.

Gill x

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