Do you have Money Ceiling ? 


Many of us have a money ceiling, or comfort level, based on how much we should earn or how much we have. It is usually based on what we are used to and going beyond that level makes us feel uncomfortable or even unsafe.

We have a money ceiling on income and wealth in general.

Going beyond that level puts us in dangerous/unknown territory, our beliefs start kicking in and we will do anything to get back to the status quo.

So, we start spending more money when we get a payrise or we win the lottery and blow the lot on extravagant purchases.

The trick is to be aware of our money ceiling and work on increasing it and not sabotaging our efforts by spending more.

This requires us to look at our beliefs that are limiting us.

Common blocks are :

I don’t deserve to earn/have £xxxx.

If I earn/have £xxxx too much will be expected of me.

I cannot earn/have more than my mum/dad/husband/brother etc

Also look at our fears is what the consequences will be of earning/having more.

Common Examples are :

Losing friends

Family will not approve etc

Something to think about and create your own set up statements on.



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