Growing Your EFTMR Practice

It is important to do the legwork, to build your practice, decide what your specialities/clients are and get yourself known. Yes, it is worth developing your own website and having business cards and promotional materials printed. Yes it is worth doing some talks at local groups and joining a business networking organisation. Don’t forget – volunteering your time to anyone that will listen.

This is all well and good, but the nature of EFT/Matrix requires a bit more than that.

We need to understand the situation from our potential clients perspective. On paper, EFTMR looks a bit woo woo, I mean tapping on your face to get rid of my stomach pains – really ?

Many of us initially came to EFT as a tool to use on ourselves with amazing results and then later discovered it’s potential for universal application, as a result, we don’t have the blocks that the medical/psychology profession often have to accepting it.

We therefore have to be absolutely confident when we present ourselves, particularly to professionals. This requires us to work on ourselves, work on ourselves and work on ourselves again.

And not just on the obvious blocks to starting up a practice, tap on everything and anything that comes up, if loads of things come up, make a list and go through them one by one.

We can divide blocks into (1) personal blocks and (2) building a practice blocks.

We will look at those specific blocks next.


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