Growing our Practice (2)

As we saw from the previous blog, growing our practice not only requires us to look at business blocks but more personal ones too.

The typical business blocks for EFTMR practitioners are often to do with fear.
Fear of being different, standing out, fear of not making enough money, fear of it not working and fear of getting no clients.

Personal blocks are rather interesting, the truth is, the more work we do on ourselves, the wider our client base.

This is where the law of attraction comes in, we don’t attract what we want ‘we attract what WE ARE’ The more we work on ourselves, the more healing we do on a deeper level, so we attract those clients that need that level of healing to our client base. Also. remember, we cannot take our clients any further than we have gone ourselves, therefore the more work we do on ourselves the more we can help our clients.

Here’s how it works:

At the beginning clients come to us for a fear or maybe a phobia, which we can usually help them out with in one maybe two sessions. We work on ourselves a bit more, maybe we attract clients that have family/relationship issues, maybe some non serious physical issues, we will attract clients that need that level of healing for a while. We keep on working on ourself, maybe have a few personal breakthroughs and we attract clients with deeper stuff to heal.

My belief is that our greatest learning comes with working on yourself, it brings your awareness to a much, much deeper level and allows you to ‘tune in’ to your client much quicker and easier than you did before. By working on ourselves we are getting rid of the layers of protection we have built up over the years. This allows us to be authentic and honest with ourselves and our clients.

It never ceases to amaze me how 80% of the time the clients who come to me have similar issues, it is usually an issue that I am working on at that particular time.

This may not be obvious to begin with, it may be that the root cause is the common link, not the actual presenting symptoms.

Action Plan

Look at the fears that are holding you back in your practice, be honest with yourself and work on these fears using EFT/Matrix. Make a list of them and deal with them one by one.

Plan to work on yourself every day, even 5 minutes per day can make a difference, be aware of what triggers you. If it is not appropriate to tap at that particular time, make a note of the trigger and plan to work on it at a later date.

Remember, every time you tap your awareness expands, as your awareness expands , so does your energy field, connecting with the Universe and bringing more and more clients to you.

Good luck


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