How do we Attract What We Want in Life ?

AttractingCan We Really Attract What We want in Life ?

Attracting what we want in life, and keeping, it requires 3 things. We need to be open to receiving it, be willing to accept it and also, believe that we deserve it, we can call it the three B’s.

If the three B’s are not in place, then even if we do attract what we want it is unlikely to stay:

Be open to having it

Be willing to accept it and

Believe that we deserve it

I recommend that you use the following 5 Step Process to attract what you would like;

(1) Perform EFT/Matrix on any negative beliefs you have to receiving what you want, Consider things like, I don’t deserve, I’m not good enough, I won’t make enough money etc etc. I will be dealing with some common negative beliefs in my next blog.

(2) Work on (1) until you get excited about having what you want.

(3) Be patient and wait for an opportunity to arise.

(4) Take the opportunity when it does arrive.

(5) If the above does not initially work, look for more negative beliefs or
‘aspects’ and tap on them until you have a result.

A good test is our ability to feel excited about it, if we are able to feel excited about it, then it means we feel it is possible to have it and that we are on our way to receiving it.

If we are unable to feel excited about it then we are likely to be blocked, go back to step (1) and repeat.

You can do this work with money blocks, the number of clients you would like to
have and the amount of money you would like to earn, pretty much anything.

It is important to be 100% honest with yourself on this, be realistic, progress is achieved through a lot of small steps rather than big one, also, don’t try try to fool yourself that something is achievable when it is not, I’ve tried that, it doesn’t work.

Remember to start quite small, be persistent, be aware and wait – it will come, it has to.


EFT/Matrix Practitioner
AAMET Trainer/Supervisor



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