Before I look at negative beliefs, I wanted to touch on Goal setting.

You may have heard of SMART goals, which are the acronym used in business for goal setting, the belief is that goals should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely.

I have adjusted them to ‘BE SMART’ goals, the BE standing for belief, lets face it, if we don’t believe that we can achieve our goals, we are very unlikely to achieve them.

In business, the belief is that we can override lack of belief with physical effort and get results, which then becomes a self fulfilling prophecy and we can then go on to achieve even higher goals.

Don’t get me wrong, this does work,  however, there is one major flaw, we can only over ride our beliefs for so long.

Unless you have an absolute rock solid belief in yourself, (and some people do)  the results won’t last.

The more you try to override this lack of belief with physical effort, the more stressed you get, you either give up , get ill or have melt down.

So how do we avoid this happening ?

We look at our goals and make them BE SMART of course, let look at a goal that an EFTMRA practitioner may have, say :

“To attract 10 paying clients per week, in the next 2 months”

Specific – yes

Measurable – yes

Attainable – maybe, depending on circumstances

Relevant – maybe

Timely – yes

Alter the original Goal to make it SMART as necessary.

Belief  – pay attention to how you feel about this sentence and what is the first feeling  that you get when you read it ?

Note down all the excuses you come up with for not achieving this, turn them into beliefs and do EFT/Matrix on them.

ie. I don’t have the time

I’m not good enough

Where will the clients come from ?

They won’t have the money to pay me

Try not to get too tied up in the practicalities of getting 10 clients per week, just concentrate on the feelings that the sentence brings up, and tap on that.

Spend some time on this exercise, look at as many beliefs you can think of.

Be aware of opportunities to gain clients and make sure you take them when they do arise, put yourself in situations/places where potential clients are and make sure you are visible on line.

If you are not attracting clients, go back and redo the exercise until your clients arrive, they will.

Good Luck.


Gill Crane

EFT/Matrix Practitioner/Trainer






































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