Lifting the Veil

We all have a veil, it’s the layer of protection which we create to protect us from the outside world, it keeps us safe.

Whilst we are good at creating this veil, we are not so good at letting it go when it no longer serves us.

We therefore end up with a load of beliefs and defences in place which prevent us from living our life fully, they can even become a burden after a while.

The first step is to be aware of the belief, the second is to work out how we acquired it and the third, is to let it go.

This can be done neatly with EFT,  when we tap we naturally relax which loosens beliefs, we stop holding on to them so tightly and we can let them go easily, which sets us free.

There is nothing like the feeling when we have let a belief go, we not only know intellectually that it has gone, we actually feel that it has gone and that is powerful.

Whilst you can learn and practice EFT on your own, I highly recommend that you have a few sessions with an experienced practitioner to get maximum results.

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