Do you have Money Ceiling ? 


Many of us have a money ceiling, or comfort level, based on how much we should earn or how much we have. It is usually based on what we are used to and going beyond that level makes us feel uncomfortable or even unsafe.

We have a money ceiling on income and wealth in general.

Going beyond that level puts us in dangerous/unknown territory, our beliefs start kicking in and we will do anything to get back to the status quo.

So, we start spending more money when we get a payrise or we win the lottery and blow the lot on extravagant purchases.

The trick is to be aware of our money ceiling and work on increasing it and not sabotaging our efforts by spending more.

This requires us to look at our beliefs that are limiting us.

Common blocks are :

I don’t deserve to earn/have £xxxx.

If I earn/have £xxxx too much will be expected of me.

I cannot earn/have more than my mum/dad/husband/brother etc

Also look at our fears is what the consequences will be of earning/having more.

Common Examples are :

Losing friends

Family will not approve etc

Something to think about and create your own set up statements on.



Beliefs About Money

Beliefs about money can really affect our ability to receive and manage money, no matter what opportunities we are given to acquire it, negative beliefs about money can really effect how much money you have.

So it is worth spending some time looking at your money beliefs and where they have come from.

They are often picked up when we were growing up, consider whether you were told any of the following and whether they have a bearing on your current money beliefs.

Money is bad

Never talk about money

Money does not grow on trees

Money Corrupts

You have to work hard for money

Rich people are selfish

Go through each belief in turn and decide whether it resonates with you, if so, think about why it resonates, what was the context of this belief and work on the memory.

It is common to pick up beliefs in 2 situations :

  • We are trying to understand a situation and we create a belief to make sense of it. The problem is that our understanding of the situation is often limited and our belief is based on that limited understanding.
  • We absorb the beliefs of our family, friends, teachers etc. The problem is that their beliefs will likely to have been based on (1) above, and we absorb it as fact.

We often hold onto those beliefs for the rest of our lives irrespective of evidence to the contrary. They become fixed in our subconscious mind. However with EFT/Matrix and some dedication we can remove these limiting beliefs and create healthier ones.


  1. Establish what you Money Beliefs are
  2. Write them down
  3. Look at the story behind the belief and why the belief came about.
  4. Do EFT/matrix on the event/events which resulted in the belief coming about.

That’s all for now we will be coming back to beliefs later.

Gill x

Spend Spend Spend ! 

It is never a good idea to spend when we are feeling emotionally depleted, tempting though it is. It’s like going to the supermarket when we are hungry – we inevitably end up spending much more than we need have done.

When we have an emotional void which we need to fill, it’s tempting to do some emotional spending. And, it’s fun !

We get to fill this emotional void quickly and easily by spending, we can even put the cost on our little plastic card and not have to pay for it until next month – yippee !

The problem is that the feeling of wellbeing does not last and we need to spend again to get our next fix. This can end up being a rather expensive pastime.

It is difficult to eliminate emotional spending completely (I am sure we are all guilty to some degree). It gives a quick fix and who doesn’t like a quick fix ?

However we can limit our spending so that we can only spend what we can really afford on what we really need simply by doing a bit of exploration and some EFT/Matrix.

We can be unaware or in denial of this habit and can find ourselves handing our credit card over in the local branch of our favourite shop before we know it.

As we all know, the best time to tap is when we are in the ‘zone’ as it were, but failing that it is a good idea to work on ourselves before the need arises, which takes some detective work.

Consider whether your issue is buying things unnecessarily or just buying things that are too expensive.

Look back at any overspends and consider :

What were the circumstances ?

Do you panic buy ?

What persuaded you to spend ?

What mood were you in at the time ?

Also look at spending experiences when you were young, how did your parents view spending money ?

You can make up your own set up statements for this, it needs to be your personal story, which has to come from you.

What I do is give you ‘themes’ which I have come across, in my work. Hope this helps.

Gill x

Are you allowed to Shine ?


Many clients with money/success blocks believe that they are not allowed to shine, a common scenario is :

They had a struggling brother or sister who, as a result, was given more time/attention from their parents than they were. They then took on the belief that they were not allowed to show them up or outshine them.

Often the struggling brother or sister would then succeed, as they were encourage to do well.

Parents do try to promote equality between siblings, however remember they have their own beliefs which will get in the way, they will have beliefs about the way a boy/girl should be brought up, and what is appropriate for a certain age. And yes, parents do have favourites (often unconsciously).

One client had a feeling of not quite achieving her potential in life. She became aware of the subtle messages she received from her family not to outshine her brother. She was allowed to do well but not too well. She could see this pattern arising many times in her life. Once she became aware of this pattern, she was able to use EFT/Matrix to achieve her potential.

These issues can surface in blended families, where there can be competition for the attention of  a parent.

Another client was struggling financially and wanted to work on it.  She was brought up by her father and stepmother along with her step siblings. Due to her step mothers influence on her family, she became low down in the pecking order when it came to treats, presents and money. she was able to clear this block of always being last on the list when being paid.

It actually does not matter whether there is a favourite or not, what matters is that you felt that you came low down the pecking order and you felt somehow less important than your sibling.

Look for that pattern in your family, or a variation on this theme.

Variations on this theme could be where another sibling was seen as the favourite, or had special privileges or it can even be a parent you felt unable to outshine.

You can make up your own set up statements for this, it needs to be your personal story, which has to come from you.

What I do is give you ‘themes’ which I have come across, in my work, which may have a bearing on where you are today.

It is worth doing some tapping on this issue. It is a very common theme.

Enjoy- I hope this helps, let me know if this is an issue for you and how you get on.








Finding your money blocks, self care and getting help.


If you are finding it difficult to find your blocks, be gentle with yourself, don’t try to force the issue. Self care is paramount to doing this, keeping yourself relatively healthy, getting enough sleep, keeping hydrated, spending time in nature every day, keeping stress levels to a minimum. You do not need to deprive yourself, it’s just about balance and what is right for you.

The more tapping/MR you do, the better your body gets at finding your blocks, at the beginning it may take hours or even days or weeks to find the root cause, this gets shorter and shorter and eventually becomes fairly instant. As you do more and more EFT/MR your conscious and subconscious become more aligned. This does not happen overnight, however it does get easier and easier.

A good way of speeding up the process is to find an experienced practitioner, that you resonate with and who has done a lot of work on themselves, they will be able to help you find your blocks quicker. This is because experienced practitioners will know what questions to ask, will have strong intuitive skills and can connect to your energy field and help you to find the answers quicker.

That’s all for now, I hope that helps, feel free to leave comments or ask questions.

Gill x


Finding the root cause – Make a list !


I am assuming that you are knowledgeable about EFT and may also have done Matrix re-imprinting training. If you are new to EFT  go to and click on gold standard EFT for guidance. Once you are proficient at EFT, Matrix Reimprinting will remove your blocks even quicker. Go to for more information.

Choose your Money blocks topic, (the first one is on the ability to receive), and then write down what you consciously think may have contributed to that block, these can be your beliefs, family beliefs or events you have experienced. Write down every single one you can think of.

Also look at the ‘tips on how to approach this topic’ at the bottom of most blogs and add any to your list which you resonate with.

It is important to have the list somewhere accessible during the day, as a reminder so that you can add to the list when you have insight into the block. Insight can come in a nano second, it can also disappear just as quickly, especially as you go about your daily life. It is therefore good to write it down to work on later. I use the notes app on my phone, a small notebook works equally as well.

Use EFT/MR on each of the items on the list, and note what comes up for you, you may not be able to tap the issue down to zero, but you can come back to it where you left off if necessary.

Do not despair if nothing comes up, it may need to be revisited another time or it may come up spontaneously later in the day, but whatever you do, keep going.

That’s all for now.

Gill x


Blocks to Receiving………..


My survey showed that 50% of you have blocks with accepting or receiving money, so we will deal with this first.

Look for :

  • an event or events in your childhood where you formed a belief about money,
  • general family programming or                                                                                                                                                                  a bit of both.

The former is perfect for dealing with using Matrix Re-imprinting (MR), the latter may just require continuous tapping, but still quite possible to deal with.

The big belief of those with blocks about accepting money is – I don’t deserve.

If you don’t believe you deserve it, you will not let it flow into your life.

You will either not even to try to attain money or will work towards it and not accept it when it is offered to you or you will accept a lesser amount. It is therefore worth spending some time working on this block.

There will be blocks you are aware of and those in your subconscious, make a list of those you are aware of, then ask your subconscious for those you are not consciously aware of and make a list, as you will see, I’m big on lists . (Look out for: How to find subconscious blocks blog post – coming soon)

At this stage you will have the main issues you need to deal with regarding blocks to receiving, go though each systematically until you are done. (Look out for  – How do you know you are done ? blog post coming soon)

This may take some time, be patient, it will come, you may go down a few blind alleys and your arm may begin to ache, but it will come and it will be worth the effort.

Some tips on how to approach this :

Imagine yourself receiving money and paying attention to how you feel, where you feel it and how intense the feeling is.

How real does it feel ? Under what circumstances would it be acceptable to receive money ?

What is stopping me from receiving ?

How comfortable am I about asking for money ?

Can I receive other things into my life – or is it just money I have difficulty with ?

And don’t worry that you may have missed something this time around, we will return to this topic,  the aim is to get the big  blocks cleared initially and then return to the topic to cover any that are left over.

Let me know how you get on.

Until next time



Lets Start With the Basics – What are the Core Money blocks ?


If you have blocks in any of these 3 basic areas, you are likely to have less money than you would like, these blocks will seriously affect the amount of money flowing into your life.

They are : the ability to receive money, pay out money and manage money.

They may seem obvious, but many of us have blocks in these areas which need to be cleared.

The results of my survey showing the Core Money Blocks of EFT/Matrix Practitioners will be out shortly.

Alternatively take the survey yourself to discover your own Core Money Blocks.

More coming soon.


Welcome to my Money Blog for EFT/Matrix Practitioners


This blog is to give you ideas and motivation to increase the money flowing into your life.

But it is not all about money ! I hear you cry – very true – it’s not all about money, but money alongside motivation is a powerful combination to achieving your true potential and we all want to do that.

I have noticed during my client sessions and through running workshops, money seems to be a common block, it’s the elephant in the room, lets get rid of that elephant once and for all so that we can move forward.

I am going to focus on the core money blocks to start and encourage you to tap on them week by week, with tips and advice on how to move forward.

In addition, there will be Skype sessions and sections of my new money programme available I will keep you posted. My programme is pretty comprehensive, it has something for everyone, even the chronically blocked !

Watch this space for the next exciting instalment !